Grub Money Policy

There has been an issue over the past few years with Grubmasters not getting paid for the food that they purchase. I discussed this last week with the PLC and we are going to do the following:

  • Each Scout will bring an envelope with $20 cash and the Scout’s name on the envelope to the meeting on THIS Tuesday, September 13th. This money will be kept in the safe in the office.
  • The Tuesday before each campout the Grubmaster from each Patrol will be given the money from the envelopes of each Scout from their Patrol that is going on that campout to use to purchase food.
  • After the campout the Grubmaster will divide the cost of the food by the number of Scouts going on the campout  and provide how much it cost for each Scout. The Grubmaster will place an equal amount of the left over money in each of the envelopes of the Scouts that went.
  • After the campout each Scout that went on the campout will replenish their envelope with the amount needed to bring back a balance of $20.