Order of the Arrow Election

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is an Honor Camping Society in Scouting. Members of the OA promote camping in the Scouts and provide cheerful service at Scout camps and other Scouting activities such as Camporee. The OA does service projects at Scout camps. There are monthly Chapter Meetings on the second Thursday night during Roundtable. There are additional Chapter, Lodge, Sectional, and National Order of the Arrow activities and opportunities for Leadership within the Order of the Arrow through the age of 21.


Each Council of the Boy Scouts of America has an Order of the Arrow Lodge which is similar to a Crew in Scouting. Our Council, the Western Los Angeles County Council (WLACC) has an OA Lodge. Our Lodge is the Malibu Lodge 566. Each Lodge is divided into Chapters similar to a Patrol. The Heyoka Chapter of the Malibu Lodge is the OA Chapter for our District which is the Crescent Bay District. Each year the Heyoka Chapter of the Order of the Arrow holds elections of eligible Scouts prior to the Camporee. Scouts find out during the Call Out ceremony at Camporee if they have been selected by their peers to become members of the Order of the Arrow, Malibu Lodge, and Heyoka Chapter.


In order to be eligible to run for election to the Order of the Arrow, Scouts must:

  • Be at least First Class Rank
  • Have spent at least 15 nights of camping with Scouts within the previous two years
  • 5 of those nights and only 5 must be during summer camp. Only one summer camp during the 2 year period counts. If the Scout has not attended summer camp in the past two years they are not eligible no matter how many nights of camping the Scout has.


The Order of the Arrow is a unique organization. It is unique in that non members vote for Scouts in their Unit or Troop to be selected to become members. Every Scout registered with the Troop is eligible to vote. Our Troop will hold an Order of the Arrow election on Tuesday, April 9th at 7:30PM at the start of the Troop Meeting. Please be on time.

In order to hold the election at least 50% of the Scouts registered in the Troop must be present. In order to be elected, eligible Scouts must have at least 50% of the Scouts voting vote for them. This is not a popularity contest. Scouts vote by secret ballot and should only vote for those Scouts that they feel exhibit the values of Scouting. Scouts voting can vote for as few or as many of the eligible Scouts as they feel are worthy of this honor. This means that a Scout may vote for none up to all of the eligible candidates.

The Scoutmaster does have final approval of the Scouts that received enough votes.

Election Results

The results will not be announced after the election. Candidates will only find out if they are selected by attending the Order of the Arrow Call Out Ceremony Saturday night at Camporee. Candidates will never find out how many votes they or other candidates received at the election. It is possible for no Scouts from our Troop to be elected all the way to all of the eligible Scouts being selected.


After a Scout is selected by his Troop and called out at the Call Out Ceremony, they are not members of the OA yet. They must successfully complete a weekend Ordeal which is often held at Camp Josepho.

Who is Eligible?

The Scouts from Troop 113 that are eligible this year are:

  • Jared Bojorquez
  • Hayden Brown
  • Miles Nightingale
  • Haiden Norris

There are a couple of Scouts that may be eligible by Camporee. They are:

  • Diego Bojorquez – If First Class by April 9th
  • Morgan Kalkbrenner – If he attends the March and Camporee campouts
  • Gordon Kalkbrenner – If he attends the March campout

If you are eligible to run, please contact me by April 8th to let me know if you are interested or not in running.