Online Ticket Order

To reserve Tickets for the 39th Annual Troop 113 Spaghetti Dinner please complete the form below. You will not pay online, but will mail a check for payment.

Tickets are $6 each.

If you would like a particular Scout to receive credit for your purchase, please indicate which Scout or Scouts on the form.

If you cannot attend the dinner, do not like spaghetti, or would like to purchase more Tickets than you need for attendees in your party, then you may donate all or a portion of your Tickets to a local Senior citizen so that they can attend and have a free dinner.

You may also make a direct donation to the Troop on the form.

After submitting your Ticket purchase request, mail your check made out to “BSA Troop 113” to:

Spaghetti Dinner Tickets

10866 Culver Blvd.

Culver City, California 90230



Serving Culver City Youth for 63 Years