Summer Camp: Bad News, Good News

Unfortunately, the week that we wanted to go to Camp Emerald Bay is full. I spoke with Lisa and we decided that instead we will go to Camp Whitsett instead July 7th through 13th. More Good News, while the cost of Camp Emerald Bay is $674 per Scout, the cost of Camp Whitsett is only $389 per Scout and $309 per Adult.

Camp Whitsett offers 6 Eagle Required Merit Badges and while many of the Merit Badges are the same as Emerald Bay, there are also many different Merit Badges that are not offered at Emerald Bay. Camp Whisett has platform tents just like Emerald Bay and instead of the ocean has a lake for swimming and waterfront activities.

I realize that some of the Scouts that were planning to go to Emerald Bay may not be able to go, but others may now be able to go due to the lowered costs and change of date.

If you are interested in going to Camp Whitsett July 7th through 13th, please sign up HERE by Tuesday, April 16th