The Troop Committee is responsible for Troop finances, equipment, fundraising, advancement, and transportation. The Committee Chairperson acts as a liaison with the parents of the Scouts; holding parent meetings to discuss upcoming events and parent’s concerns.

The Committee Chairperson is in charge of the Troop Committee and is assisted by the Troop Treasurer, Advancement Chairperson, Troop Secretary, and various other committee members.


The Scoutmaster, his or her Assistants, and Patrol Advisors are responsible for the Troop’s Program and supervising the Scouts at Troop and Patrol activities.

The Adult Leadership supervises the boy leaders of the Troop who are members of the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC). The Senior Patrol Leader and his Assistant(s) head up the PLC and are responsible, under adult guidance, for running the Troop’s Program .

The Scouts are divided into Patrols of between 6 to 10 Scouts headed by a Patrol Leader and guided by one or more adult Patrol Advisors.


Each Scout is assigned to a Patrol when they join the Troop. While in their Patrol, they learn the basic camping, hiking, and Scouting Skills necessary to function in the Troop. Scouts also work on their Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks.

After a Scout turns 14 years of age he is eligible to attend Senior activities. In the past the Senior activities have included cycling, wilderness survival, river rafting, water skiing, surfing, backpacking, and snowboarding trips.

Scouts that are at least First Class may hold leadership positions in the Troop and assist the younger Scouts.

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